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Hello and welcome to Marple Sixth Form College’s first Virtual Welcome!

Of course we would normally be seeing you for this day in person and we can’t truly replace and recreate this experience for you, but we hope that the videos and presentations you can view will help you find out more about the College that you will be studying at in September.

Navigating through the site should be straight forward and below you will be able to see a presentation from our Principal and view presentations from key members of the College community about teaching, learning and assessment, student support, learning support and Duke of Edinburgh amongst others.

We hope you find our virtual tour useful and are looking forward to seeing you in person soon.


A Welcome from The Principal – Mohammed Ramzan

Virtual Tour – Marple Sixth Form College

Teaching Learning & Assessment
The Student Experience

Learning Support & Inclusion
The Duke of Edinburgh Award
The Library – Marple Sixth Form College

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about college

Course Profiles

When selecting courses, students are encouraged to review course profiles to understand the content, pre-requisites, estimated workload, credits and which requirements the course fulfills.

Subject Transition Work

Simply select the subject(s) you have applied for and you will be able to access some transition work to get a head start and prepare you for studying with us in the new academic year.

Subject Videos

Choosing a subject video could not be simpler by pressing the link below.

If you have any feedback or comments about our Virtual Welcome Day, please email:

PLEASE NOTE: Due to current restrictions, all subject videos may be delivered by a teacher from one campus however, please be assured the content remains very similar over both campuses.

Ref Subject RefSubject
27.0Health & Social Care - Marple
08.0Art & Design - A Level28.0History - A Level
09.0Biology - A Level29.0Information Technology - Level 2
09.1Human Biology - BTEC30.0Information Technology - Level 3
10.0Business - A Level31.0Law - A Level
10.1Business - BTEC - Level 332.0Maths - A level
11.0Chemisty - A Level33.0Maths - GCSE
12.0Choices 34.0Media Studies - A Level
14.0Computer Science - Marple 35.0Physical Education - Marple
15.0Creative Media - BTEC Level 236.0Photography - A Level
16.2Creative Media - BTEC - Marple 37.0Physics - A Level
17.0Criminology - BTEC38.0Psychology - A Level
18.0Drama & Theatre Studies40.0Uniformed Protective Services - Marple
19.0Economics - A Level41.0Sociology - A Level
20.0English - GCSE42.0Spanish - A Level
21.0English Language - A Level44.0Sport - BTEC - Level 3 - Marple
22.0English Literature - A Level48.0Work Related Learing
23.0Football Excellence - Marple
24.0French - A Level