A Level

This is an exciting, very modern course that will give students a deeper understanding of the world around them and allow reflection on social issues relevant to their own social experiences.


Fascinating discussions are encouraged: “How are Facebook and Twitter changing our friendships and relationships?”, “Are two married parents better than one?”

Students can acquire knowledge and a critical understanding of family life, our education system, sociological research, beliefs in our society and crime & deviance.

You will begin by finding out about new terms: norms and values, culture and socialisation. What is Sociology? How do sociologists study society? How much have you been shaped by the people around you?  The course is assessed by three exams at the end of Year 2.  There are two formal exams at the end of Year 1 to help students prepare for final exams.

Career Path

  • Teaching
  • Social Work / Counselling
  • Media / English / Journalism
  • Politics / History
  • Community development work / Charities
  • Criminal Justice System / Welfare Services

The British Sociological Association (BSA) declares that ‘a very wide range of employers see Sociology as ‘highly relevant’.

More than just a course

Sociology teachers are all highly experienced and enthusiastic at teaching the subject and have a wealth of student friendly activities, videos and handouts combined with valuable insights from related careers. Students are encouraged to maintain an interest in the news, visit Universities and attend Study trips, e.g. Manchester, London and New York.

Unique Features

  • You will gain a much deeper insight into Britain and many of the social issues we currently face.
  • You will develop the ability to think, discuss and write in a more fluent, accurate and critical style.
  • You will understand how sociologists conduct research in society and some of the challenges faced by researchers.
  • You can consider just how family, friends and the media have shaped who you are and your life chances.

Entry Requirements

The traditional A Level pathway for those who may be thinking of University, Higher Apprenticeship or Degree Apprenticeship.

5 GCSEs at grade 4 or above, covering a wide range of subject areas. This includes maths.

At least a 5 grade in English Language and a Humanities related GCSE e.g. History, Geography and Religion more importantly, we expect students to have an interest in British society and the modern world.

What the students say…

“Sociology is an amazing subject which is always taught well. The teachers are always there to support me in reaching my potential”

“Sociologists answer questions that others don’t even think to ask.”