A Level

Mathematics is about solving problems. Pure Maths provides methods involving algebra, trigonometry, functions and calculus. Applied Maths is divided into Statistics and Mechanics. Statistics is about data analysis and probability whereas Mechanics is about forces and motion of objects.


Why do it?

If you enjoy Maths you should do it for its own sake! You should also choose it if you need its application to other subjects such as sciences, business studies, economics and psychology.

How will I learn?

Lessons are usually teacher led and could involve investigation, discussion, group work and working on examples. You will have your own workbook for each area of the specification. Scientific calculators are used extensively throughout the course.

Career Path

  • Accountancy
  • Business and Finance
  • Computing
  • Economics
  • Engineering
  • Medicine
  • Teaching

More than just a course

Maths can provide you with the problem solving and analytical skills that are useful in almost every career path and it is very highly regarded by many employers.

You will have the opportunity to take part in the Senior Maths Challenge which will test your logic and ability to solve problems. There is a trip to see the Maths Inspiration Show in Manchester in the first term.

Unique Features

  • Useful for most career paths
  • A mentally stimulating course
  • Covers both pure and applied maths
  • Additional support available
  • Well-resourced Learning Hub online

Entry Requirements

College entry requirements for an advanced pathway apply.

Plus you must have at least Grade 6 in GCSE Maths AND you should have strong skills in algebra (this will be assessed at enrolment).

What the students say

“Maths at Cheadle is challenging and rewarding. The most important thing that I have learned so far in Maths is what I am capable of. If you want to do something, you can achieve it.

The reason that I picked Maths is because I felt restricted at GCSE. A-level Maths at Cheadle is unrestricted and you can be as good as you want to be.

The most important thing to remember is that if no one else believes in you…the Maths teachers at Cheadle do!”