A Level

Studying the English language is not only fascinating but also enables students to develop a wide range of writing skills which are invaluable for both further study and future employment. Accent, dialect, how language is changing and how we first learn language are only part of the subject. Students also have the opportunity to write creatively and to investigate topics of personal interest such as gender, technology and power.


A Level (Eduqas)

Throughout this course you will study a broad range of literature, from the established canon to great contemporary writing. You will develop knowledge and understanding of the writer’s craft and how language, form and structure are used to create meaning. The qualification requires students to study eight literary texts over the two years of the course.

FRENCH – A Level Linear

A Level (EDUQAS)

French is the study of the language and culture of France and the French-speaking world. During the course, you will build up your confidence and competence in the language and extend your knowledge of French literature and civilisation. Much of the work involves discussion and debate on important issues of interest to students.



A Level Spanish is a fascinating and varied subject that provides students with a broad and incredibly important range of knowledge and skills. In a world in which global relationships are often a necessity for businesses and organisations to thrive, having an additional language is extremely useful for a wide range of future careers.