Creative / Media

Academic Excellence pathway

A Level

The Academic Excellence Pathway is designed to improve our students’ chances of securing places on the most competitive university courses. It is also an opportunity for students with very good GCSE grades to stretch themselves further and develop their study skills by researching an Extended Project in a topic of interest.

ART & Design (Fine Art)

A Level (Edexcel)

The Fine Art course offers students many opportunities to get involved in their own area of interest. About 70% of our students progress to do Art & Design related courses post- 18, including Apprenticeships, Art Foundation as well as direct entry on to degree courses such as Fine Art, Textiles ,Graphics, Illustration, Architecture, Product and Interior Design.

Art and Design BTEC Level 3 Diploma

BTEC Level 3 Diploma

The BTEC in Art and Design is a two-year art course equivalent to 3 A-levels. The course will provide you with opportunities to sample a wide range of specialist areas and produce a portfolio that will help you to progress onto study at Higher Education, or employment.

Creative Media – Level 2 – Diploma

Level 2 Diploma (OCR)

This is a full-time qualification for one year, covering both theoretical and practical aspects of media focusing on creative skills and technologies. The course is ideal if you are interested in a career in Creative Media or prefer to keep your options open.

Creative Media – Level 3 -Extended Diploma

Level 3 Extended Diploma (OCR Cambridge Technical)

This is a broad-based two year course with an integrated creative and technical study of media production which looks at core aspects of the media industry. Although the course is mainly practical by developing skills such as team building, assignments, communication, presentations, software skills and creative product production there are written elements that must be covered in each unit.


AS and A Level (Edexcel)

Drama & Theatre can have such a profound influence on us in our everyday lives, changing the way we think and feel and exposing issues and challenging opinion. During this course you will have the opportunity to develop your creative and exploratory skills in devising your own original performance and learning how text can be manipulated to communicate meaning to an audience.

Film Studies

A Level

Film Studies is designed to deepen students' understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of film, the major art form of the twentieth century, and one developing new modes of expression and exhibition in the twenty-first century

ICT: BTEC Certificate/Extended Certificate

BTEC Certificate/Extended Certificate

Information Technology (IT) involves the uses of computers in industry, commerce, the arts and elsewhere. IT includes aspects of IT systems architecture, human factors, project management and the general ability to use computers. Increasingly businesses are implementing IT strategies to manage and process data both to support many business processes and to deliver new opportunities.


A Level

We spend huge parts of our life consuming Media. It surrounds us all the time and we use it for all kinds of different and varied reasons. Media Studies teaches you to develop critical perspectives on what you watch, read, listen to, or play every day. It encourages you to reflect on why texts appeal and what purpose they serve in our daily lives.


BTEC Level 3

The BTEC in Performing Arts is available to study as an Extended Certificate (Equivalent to one A-Level, can be taken alongside other subjects) or the Extended Diploma (Equivalent to three A-Levels, full time programme of study).



Photography is about looking, learning, thinking and communicating ideas. It inspires creative thinkers. Photography means ‘drawing with light’ and that is what photographers do when they take a picture.