A Level

Academic Excellence pathway

A Level

The Academic Excellence Pathway is designed to improve our students’ chances of securing places on the most competitive university courses. It is also an opportunity for students with very good GCSE grades to stretch themselves further and develop their study skills by researching an Extended Project in a topic of interest.

Ancient History A level

A level

The influence of the classical world is all around us. The Greeks gave us democracy and theatre; the Romans brought us roads and baths. Classical Civilisation gives you the opportunity to explore how the classical world was shaped and how it has influenced the modern world.

ART & Design (Fine Art)

A Level (Edexcel)

The Fine Art course offers students many opportunities to get involved in their own area of interest. About 70% of our students progress to do Art & Design related courses post- 18, including Apprenticeships, Art Foundation as well as direct entry on to degree courses such as Fine Art, Textiles ,Graphics, Illustration, Architecture, Product and Interior Design.


A Level (AQA)

Biology at Marple Sixth Form College is in the top 25% nationally for progress. Biology is the science of life. In Biology, you will study how organisms function and interact with each other. Biology is an exciting and fast moving science with new discoveries being made every week, particularly in genetics and in the fight against disease.


A Level (AQA)

Business is an exciting and topical course which students can relate to. You will study topics such as marketing, finance, human resources and operations management and analyse how they influence the way in which a Business performs. The course also looks at the impact that external factors have on Business activity such as interest rates, environmental issues and globalisation.


A Level (AQA)

A-level Chemistry is a rigorous, challenging and ultimately rewarding course that develops students' scientific skills and knowledge. In the first year students will explore the fundamental principles that form the basis of Chemistry and apply this to how Chemistry is used in the modern world. Wherever possible, students carry out experimental work to illustrate the theoretical principles they study.


A Level (OCR)

Computer Science is relevant to the modern and changing world of computing. Computer Science is a practical subject where students can apply the academic principles learned in the classroom to real-world systems. It’s an intensely creative subject that combines invention and excitement, and can look at the natural world through a digital prism.


A Level (Edexcel)

Drama & Theatre can have such a profound influence on us in our everyday lives, changing the way we think and feel and exposing issues and challenging opinion. During this course you will have the opportunity to develop your creative and exploratory skills in devising your own original performance and learning how text can be manipulated to communicate meaning to an audience.


A Level (AQA)

Economics also introduces you to business behaviour and labour markets. You will consider the size and growth of firms, their objectives and the different types of market structure. Demand and supply analysis will be applied to wage determination.


A Level

Studying the English language is not only fascinating but also enables students to develop a wide range of writing skills which are invaluable for both further study and future employment. Accent, dialect, how language is changing and how we first learn language are only part of the subject. Students also have the opportunity to write creatively and to investigate topics of personal interest such as gender, technology and power.


A Level (Eduqas)

Throughout this course you will study a broad range of literature, from the established canon to great contemporary writing. You will develop knowledge and understanding of the writer’s craft and how language, form and structure are used to create meaning. The qualification requires students to study eight literary texts over the two years of the course.

Environmental Science – A Level

A Level (AQA)

Environmental science is a holistic subject with many interconnected systems and processes. You will develop an understanding of how human society relies upon natural systems for resources and life support systems.

Fashion and Textiles A Level (Linear) AQA

A Level (Linear) AQA

This creative and thought-provoking qualification gives students the practical skills, theoretical knowledge and confidence to succeed in a number of careers, especially those in the fashion and creative industries. They will investigate historical, social, cultural, environmental and economic influences on design and technology, whilst enjoying opportunities to put their learning in to practice by producing products of their choice.

Film Studies

A Level

Film Studies is designed to deepen students' understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of film, the major art form of the twentieth century, and one developing new modes of expression and exhibition in the twenty-first century

FRENCH – A Level Linear

A Level (EDUQAS)

French is the study of the language and culture of France and the French-speaking world. During the course, you will build up your confidence and competence in the language and extend your knowledge of French literature and civilisation. Much of the work involves discussion and debate on important issues of interest to students.



Further Maths is like Maths except that there is more of it and it is more challenging. The course develops and extends the topics covered in the Maths A level.



You will look at the interactions between people and their environments. You will question and understand why, and how, the world is changing through these interactions.



Politics is the study of power and decision-making in our society. The first year focus is on the British system of government, including Parliament, Prime Minister, parties, elections, pressure groups and concepts of democracy, representation and participation.



To make sense of the world we live in it is essential to understand key events, individuals, movements and conflicts that have shaped history. History’s importance goes beyond the subject’s intrinsic interest and appeal. Every aspect of our lives, from our beliefs, culture, institutions, language and way of life are all shaped by the past.

LAW – A Level

A Level (Eduqas)

Law is the subject for you if you have a genuine interest in the Law or the English Legal System, if you enjoy an intellectual challenge or if you are interested in becoming a barrister or solicitor.



What is it? Maths is about solving problems. Pure Maths provides methods involving algebra, trigonometry, functions and calculus. Applied Maths is divided into Decision, Statistics and Mechanics. Decision Maths is about solving real world problems which are often in a business context, Statistics is about data analysis and Mechanics is about statistics and motion of objects.


A Level

We spend huge parts of our life consuming Media. It surrounds us all the time and we use it for all kinds of different and varied reasons. Media Studies teaches you to develop critical perspectives on what you watch, read, listen to, or play every day. It encourages you to reflect on why texts appeal and what purpose they serve in our daily lives.



Photography is about looking, learning, thinking and communicating ideas. It inspires creative thinkers. Photography means ‘drawing with light’ and that is what photographers do when they take a picture.



Physical Education is an ideal course for those who wish to develop their understanding of key issues within sport. It provides links to many careers, including physiotherapy, sports coaching, PE teaching and many others.

Physics – A Level


Physics at Marple is in the top 40% of Sixth Form Colleges for progress. Physics is crucial to understanding the world around us, the world inside us, and the world beyond us. It is the most basic and fundamental science. It’s an exciting and fast moving science with new discoveries being made every week, particularly in astronomy and particle physics.



Psychology is the scientific study of mind and behaviour. It is about understanding people. It is about understanding yourself. Psychology as a subject is like a jigsaw, and each piece of the jigsaw represents a different type of psychology.


A level (OCR)

This is an exciting, very modern course that will give students a deeper understanding of the world around them and allow reflection on social issues relevant to their own social experiences



A Level Spanish is a fascinating and varied subject that provides students with a broad and incredibly important range of knowledge and skills. In a world in which global relationships are often a necessity for businesses and organisations to thrive, having an additional language is extremely useful for a wide range of future careers.